M60 Tank Suspension Shaft Automatic Test System

Suspension shafts of the M60 Tanks produced for the American and Taiwanese army are made of spring steel and are performing the suspension operation of platforms of about 50 tons. 60,000 NM torque is required for the torsional tests of shafts. Considering that an excavator's engine produces about 900 NM torque, it is understood how high the torque required for the test is. For this reason, the designed system must have a very high safe operation. In this system designed for MAK Defense, approximately 60.000 NM of torque is increased thanks to the planetary gear system. The steps determined for the test are as follows

. Number of Tours: 50.000

. Rotation angle: 47 degrees

. Shaft Temperature: 100 degrees Celsius

. Minimum Number of Turns: 11 / minute

An interface software is made on the computer, where the test steps are checked and followed, and logging is performed.